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The art of peace begins with you...

What is Aikido?

Put simply, Aikido is a self-defence Martial Art which uses locks, pins and throws to control the force and intentions of an aggressive attack, by re-directing the flow of energy.

What can I get from Aikido?

Aikido has many practical uses which include improved skill, timing, balance and coordination, as well as an overall improved level of fitness and wellbeing. On a much deeper level, Aikido can help us develop spirit and compassion and the longer you train the better your ability to diffuse or defend against negative situations both physically and mentally. 

Is Aikido competitive?

There is no competition in Iwama Aikido. Rather than competing to be better than someone else, the goal of Iwama Aikido to become a better version of yourself through vigorous training.

Is Aikido really for me?

Aikido is for everyone, no matter your age, size, gender or fitness level.

I’ve never done a Martial art before?

The techniques of Iwama Aikido are mainly performed from a solid grip or attack to make sure they work. This is perfect not only beginners but for all grades as we have to get the ‘basics’ right first, before moving onto more advanced levels of training.

I feel a bit out of shape?

We train in a friendly relaxed and playful environment, free from pressures or judgement. We also start all our classes with mobility and breathing exercises, which helps to get the heart pumping, the blood flowing and your body moving correctly. This also helps to avoid injury’s.

What should I wear?

As a beginner we recommend that you wear loose clothing, a t-shirt and jogging bottoms is ideal. Aikido is a traditional martial art therefore the typical training clothing is a Gi, which can be purchased online. 

Ok sounds great, but I’m still not sure?

Still have questions? No problem, please feel free to send a message and we’ll get back to you straight away…

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