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About our classes

About Bukiwaza 
One of the biggest things that distinguishes Iwama Aikido from others styles is the emphasis on the weapons

Aiki-Ken (Bokken) & Aiki-Jo (Staff).
O’Sensei said that weapons techniques are identical to those of Taijutsu (unarmed). The form and the movements are the same. In Aikido the movements don’t change whether one is holding a weapon or not.
Therefore it is imperative that we continue to use and preserve them throughout our practice.


What to expect
The climate in Jersey makes it possible for us to train outside all year round and we have the perfect location - Mount Bingham overlooks the harbour and it’s tall pine trees offer just enough shelter from the elements. 


“If it's not raining it’s not training”


The class starts with some light stretching followed by Suburi practice. The Suburi are the weapon forms which when practiced regularly, help to strengthen the body and sharpen the mind.
We then pair up and work through the various partner practices that both the Ken & Jo have to offer. Not only is this a unique and fun way of training, it also helps to improve our overall fitness, balance and coordination.

“It's always a great start to my weekend”


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