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About our classes

Thursday (Tai-Jutsu) 

19:00pm-20:30pm 70 Stopford Road, St Helier, Jersey 


Saturday (Buki-Waza

09:00am-10:30am Mount Bingham, St Helier, Jersey



Natural movement


When we learned to walk, we started from the ground up, and our Aikido classes are no different. Our bodies have a natural alignment and if we want to lead comfortable and healthy lives, staying mobile and agile is vital. We start each class going through some basic ground movements, before gradually building up to more vigorous practice, such a rolling and falling (Ukemi) – this approach is perfect for beginners, regardless of your age.


Self defence


We practice a Martial Art therefore a large section of the class will naturally focus on the technical aspects of Aikido. During the class you’ll learn principles for developing power and correct form, as well as practical ways to defend yourself. A large aspect of Iwama Aikido is the use of the Aiki-Sword (bokken) and Aiki-staff (Jo), so at least one class a week will be based around weapons training.




At the end of each class we warm down with some breathing (Kokyu) exercises and finish in seated (or laying) mediation/conciseness.


Whether you’re an experienced Martial Artist or never set foot in a dojo before, you’ll develop new skills in a safe and controlled environment.

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